Thank you SO much for your interest in my program, KGDP. We had such an amazing time with this program over the last year of training virtually but it’s time to connect IN PERSON and start making moves towards our future together;) If you have already been a part of this program, you generally know what to expect – although there will be lots of exciting changes and upgrades to the curriculum now that we are able to dance TOGETHER again!

If this is your first time, it’s important to know this is not a program to learn HOW to dance. If you’re a complete beginner or really looking for a focused foundational class, I am happy to recommend other classes and programs (I teach a 101 class on Tuesday nights!) However, this particular program is more focused on developing the performance and artistry of your dancing – plus moving and training with a group. I do hope to offer a beginner intensive program later this year, if time allows, so please stay tuned for that 🙂 

Because there has been so much interest, I will be taking submissions for this program. Don’t stress too much about this 🙂 Please take some time to review the attached contract and determine if the program is a good fit for you, and if you’ll be able to commit to the process. We work best when we grow together, so attendance is important! If you have concerns about this, please feel free to reach out after you submit your video.  



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How to Apply:

Submissions are due WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 8TH, and I will let you know by Friday September 10th whether or not you have been accepted into the program. Please know that I would LOVE to accept everyone, but it’s not always possible! I will try my best 🙂 * Lastly – this is an adult training program, so dancers will need to be over 18 years of age. 



  1. Review attached PDF and determine if the group would be a good fit for you
  2. Learn a KG choreography of your choice (there are FREE tutorials on my Youtube, Instagram, or on Patreon! You can also use a combo you learned from my class)  
  3. Record your audition choreography video: Please introduce yourself at the start of the video, tell a little about your dance experience, and why you are interested in training with KGDP this year. This video does not need to be professional or fancy, just a clear shot of you so I can see your beautiful faces. 
  4. Email the video with subject line “KGDP (YOUR NAME)” to

 + include the following “about me” questions in your email:

  1. Name + pronouns
  2. IG handle if you have one! 
  3. Interested in online or in person 
  4. Confirmation that you reviewed the BELOW contract and understand the program commitment and expectations 
  5. 3 interesting/funny/weird facts about yourself
  6. A photo of you! Doesn’t have to be professional, something off IG or a selfie is great

I am SO excited to get going with this new chapter, and I’m looking forward to reviewing your videos! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Happy dancing! 


Program Commitment:

KGDP (Kristen Grace Dance Program) is a hub for dancers to connect with each other and take their training to the next level, under the direction and coaching of Kristen Grace. During this 8 week program, dancers will cover a handful of concepts that are vital to growing yourself as a dancer and a performer. Benefits of being accepted into this training program include access to a private student community page, weekly conditioning challenges and videos, 16 hours of instruction – and more growth than you think is possible in 2 months! Each week, dancers will be assigned homework that relates to the week’s topic. These can be filmed on a phone and submitted to the group page for feedback and support! 


September 12 – October 31st 3-5PM @ Dance Underground (Cap Hill)

9/12 Meet & greet, goal setting, expectations and moving together  

9/19 Reviewing foundational concepts, grooves and turns 

9/26  Musicality, rhythms and freestyle 

10/3 Storytelling and character, camera work 

10/10 Textures, intentions and dynamics 

10/17 Formations, effects, and collaboration 

10/24 Choreography/cleaning week  *will NOT be at Dance Underground 😦 looking for space! 

10/31 FINAL project day ❤  

*Scheduled curriculum may change based on the needs of the group! 


Cost of the KGDP program is $250, which can be paid via Venmo and is due before the first day of training. This covers 8 weeks of comprehensive training, individual feedback, access to Kristen’s student community page, and weekly workouts/challenges. 

For those interested in attending virtually (via zoom) cost will be $150 


KGDP members are expected to attend all scheduled classes, but I do understand that life happens. If you need to miss a rehearsal, you will be expected to review/take the class from the zoom recording to make sure you are on track for the following week.


KGDP is a 100% supportive environment. As a member of KGDP, you are expected to exhibit a professional team spirit. You are expected to attend practice, classes, and workshops with a positive attitude, open mind, enthusiasm, energy and above all courtesy and respect towards all members and Directors. Positive reinforcement and feedback is encouraged – but NO negative criticism of your fellow members will be tolerated. As a member, do not act in a way that appears to be directing the group. Any conflicts with another member please bring to the attention of the Director immediately. In order to maintain a professional working environment, please leave personal grievances outside the studio/screen during practice time. In other words,  “Check your egos at the door”


Any member of the KGDP has the right to terminate their membership at any time by notifying the Director. Membership fees are non-refundable. Members may be terminated or suspended by Director for reasons such as: consistently demonstrating a negative attitude, racism, sexism, homophobia, excessive absences, sexual harassment, demonstrating a lack of respect towards the studio space, the Director, or other members. 

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