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KGDP (Kristen Grace Dance Program) was formally born during the 2020 lockdown, but the foundations were built many years before. During my 15+ years of teaching, I’ve developed a proven methodology for developing the growth, confidence and artistry of dancers of all ages and abilities. I am confident you will emerge from this program a smarter student, and a stronger dancer. 

I take dance education very seriously. Although choreography is used as a tool throughout these programs, the focus is on your own self discovery, elevation of your technique and performance quality. Each course is designed with the dancer in mind, to prepare you for your next level of artistry.



* placement required


For dancers who have already spent time developing their dance foundations, who are looking to improve in their performance, technique and artistry.

WEEK 1: Understanding the music and the moment
WEEK 2:Fundamental grooves, bounces and rocks
WEEK 3:Understanding musicality, rhythms and freestyle 
WEEK 4:Storytelling, character and camera work
WEEK 5:Formations, effects and staging
WEEK 6:Textures, intentions and dynamics
WEEK 7:Choreography week
WEEK 8: Staging and Cleaning week  



Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

KGDP in person was a different ball game. It put my dance style into perspective because I could physically see other students commit and give their best. So much to learn from everyone’s feedback to the homework. Always love the concepts you cover as part of this program. They’re extremely helpful in shaping my dance journey. Although I could not commit 100% this time around, to me the feedback part was invaluable. Your attention to detail and the desire to invest in the growth of your students is unmatched. The process of filming a video towards the end was just a cherry on top. I learnt sooo many new things in the last class, it’s unbelievable. Absolutely loved dancing as a group. You are a blessing to the Seattle dance community!

— Anonymous Feedback for KGDP 2021

The foundational tools to help develop freestyle were very useful. A different topic for every week that culminated in a final choreography where you could put it all together kept the program very cohesive. The most useful classes to me were the storytelling and the grooves classes. Having cyphers often was VERY useful in developing confidence and being more comfortable.

— Anonymous Feedback for KGDP 2021

6 WEEK Beginner series



For absolute beginners, dancers new to hip hop, choreography, commercial styles, or those who just want to strengthen their dance foundations. An expanded and upgraded version of 2021 QuickBuild program for level 1/2.

This program will also include weekly homework assignments, personalized feedback and community!


Saturday 1/7 1:30-3:30PM * only the first week has a different start time! 

Saturdays 1/14 – 2/11 12-2PM 

LOCATION: Emerald City Dance Complex  

WEEK 1: Understanding music and movement, being a smarter student
WEEK 2:Fundamental grooves, bounces and rocks
WEEK 3:Performance, character, intention 
WEEK 4:Choreography, rehearsal culture and staging 
WEEK 5:Camera work, filming and professionalism  
WEEK 6:Reflect and review, how to take ownership of your journey

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I not only learned some fun choreography, but feel like I learned HOW to learn choreography more effectively in my own practice. It was very helpful to break things apart by layers – footwork/base movements first, add arms/flair/character/style next. In other classes, it is not always clear what is foundational to the move (weight changes, grooves, timing) vs. what is stylized, and this workshop did a great job with that. I enjoyed the thorough yet, to-the-point, very clear explanations and thought the instructor did an excellent job observing the class to see where she needed to expand with more info/details. Drilling/repetition of the same small set of movements was suuuuper helpful to get some of the more complex timing/footwork into my own body. The warmup was also excellent, I loved the pep talks, and the discourse around Black folks and the framing around the moves we were learning. The piece about visualizing yourself as another character in another location is something I’ll always try to apply from now on. 🙂

— Anonymous Feedback for the 2 week Beginner Series

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It was great, you are a really amazing movement instructor and your energy is so fun. I’m really glad I was able to come to this, and hope to learn from you again in the future!

— Anonymous Feedback for 2 week Beginner Series

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I loved this program so much. Thank you Kristen.

— Anonymous Feedback for QuickBuild Level 1/2


* placement required


For dancers who have already spent time developing their dance foundations, who are looking to improve in their performance, technique and artistry.

Week 1 – The Audition

This workshop is not actually an audition – but rather a class on auditioning, being a smart student in class, etc. We will focus on making smart choices, performing authentically, freestyle/improv, and mindset.

Week 2 – The Rehearsal

This workshop will focus on learning choreography, camera work, staging and effects, working as a group, and understanding the difference in working with choreographers vs. teachers, on stage vs. camera.

Week 3The Job

This is the week we put it all together, using skills from the previous 2 weeks to complete a final project/performance. We will be using a camera throughout the 3 week series.


The Preparation, The Class, The Artist, The Process (AND the above curriculum!)


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This was super fun to practice staging for the camera vs on stage. I also loved getting to work with formation changes and watching lines, it felt like being on a team again which I totally miss! I think dancing in class is so individual this was a great section to integrate into the course.

— Anonymous Feedback for “The Rehearsal”

This was overall a super fun day & concept. I was so impressed with Kristen’s ability to act as a producer and put together this concept. I had such a fun time getting to try something new and it made me want to find opportunities like that in the future when I really never saw myself as wanting to be in a commercial!

— Anonymous Feedback for “The Job”

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