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KGDP (Kristen Grace Dance Program) is a virtual extension of the in person training provided to PNW based training and performance groups led by Kristen Grace. KGDP is a hub for intermediate and advanced dancers to connect with each other and take their training to the next level, under the direction and coaching of Kristen Grace. During these times of COVID-19, we are transitioning programs to fit the needs of the community and align with the guidelines of the State. During this 5 week program, dancers will cover a handful of concepts that are vital to growing yourself as a dancer and a performer. Benefits of being accepted into this training program include access to a private student community page, free pass for all Kristen’s live classes, 2 hours of zoom instruction weekly – and a culminating virtual “performance.” There will be weekly assignments that tie into the theme of each foundational concept – although time will be allotted for completing these assignments during our weekly meetings so as not to infringe on your time and schedule anymore than necessary!


No auditions for Session 2 / invite only!

Classes held Sundays 4-6PM OR Tuesdays 6:30PM-8:30PM

Cost is $100 for 5 weeks – includes 2 hours of instruction weekly, plus access to live classes and community group.

5 Week Program:

Week 1

In week 1, we will identify individual and group goals. A key component of training in this online world (and in a professional setting) is self awareness, and the ability to identify our movement pathways. We will look deeper into why “details matter” and our assignment will include putting these concepts to practice in self/pre-recorded videos to be submitted to Kristen prior to the following week class.

Week 2

What are you saying with your movement? What are you communicating with your eyes, your face, your presence? In week 2 we will dive deeper into the concepts of conveying emotion – through use of tension and texture. How can we create more depth in our movements to tell a stronger story? Our assignment this week will work with movement that tells a story, and we will utilize our facials and textures to communicate more effectively.

Week 3

So you’ve got the choreography, you know the timing, but you feel like something is missing? In week 3 we will explore your dynamics as a dancer. We will talk about traveling (for once you’re out of your living room), dancing 3D, using your levels, and sharpening your pictures with the use of stops and extensions. Homework will be demonstrating a difference between a 2D and 3D performance, as well as showing how to utilize our the music to sharpen our pictures

Week 4

As we near the end of our program, we focus on applying individual feedback and presenting our final “project”. This final assignment is a time to explore your creativity, apply what you’ve learned, and embrace your own artistry.

Week 5

Our final week! During this week we will be reviewing the concepts from previous weeks, reviewing before/after footage, and talking about next steps. Congrats! You made it through the FIRST EVER online KGDP training experience. We are a family, and you are now a part of that ❤


What do you look for in an applicant?

The community of KG is, and has always been, a FAMILY. It is absolutely imperative to our team culture that you approach our training with this mentality. We are 110% in support of each other, and always encouraging of ourselves and others to fail forward in a safe environment. We are looking for dancers who are self-motivated, excited, and ready to take their dancing to the next level.

How do we pay, and for what?

The $100/month will cover 2 hours of private team training weekly ($10/hour) and also includes the benefits of access to Kristen’s student community page, and includes a free pass for any livestream classes with @kristengracedance (Sundays/Thursdays). This can be paid on June 1st via

What level is KGDP?

KGDP was originally designed to be an intermediate/advanced training group. However, there are now 2 levels to the program and we ARE accepting level 1/2 students during our next session! The expectation for the higher level group is that you can keep up in a 2-3/4 environment and understand the fundamental concepts of choreography and performance. This will allow us to use this time to dive deeper into these skillsets and grow as a team.

Does this mean I’m officially “on the team” when we return to the studio?

As of now, it’s very hard to say what the next few months will look like. This first 5 weeks will be our first online program, and when we finish the program we HOPE to be closer to returning to the studio. If this is not the case, we will likely begin another 5 week session. When we eventually return to the studio, we will pivot back to our in studio training plans, and likely hold auditions for the in studio team. Your time spent with us online will absolutely prepare you for the auditions that follow in studio.

Let’s train together.

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