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Whether your group has 5 dancers or 25, we can absolutely create something that makes your dancers feel strong, confident, and impress the judges too! Kristen’s choreography has scored in the top 10 at Nationals, and won 1st place in State.


Whether you’re a public speaker, vocalist, athlete or just someone who wants to move better – movement coaching is for YOU!


Want to bring something fun to your event, half-time show or recital? Let’s work together to make the music come alive for your dancers and the audience as well.


Finding your voice as an artist? Want to tell better stories on stage and in your videos? Artist development helps you bring out your most authentic self while embodying the performer you’ve always wanted to be.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Over the last year, I’ve been taking lessons from Kristen Grace around movement coaching, stage presence, character building and much more. When I started studying with Kristen, I originally hired her to choreograph my song, Pop Punk Princess with backup dancers. She delivered it perfectly. I felt like I could learn more from her as a performer after that project, so I reached out again. Because of the work Kristen has done with me on eye contact, intention setting and other things that involve character building, I felt like I could take on an acting evaluation with, Los Angeles’s Celebrity Acting Company, Actors Giving Back, (AGB), with very little acting experience under my belt.

I’ve not worked with many choreographers but to work with one who isn’t only teaching you how to dance and move is incredibly hard to find. I’m currently taking AGB’s Intensive Acting Program and I’m being taught by major award-winning actors from Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and many other tv networks. If it hadn’t been for Kristen’s constant kindness, compassion, encouragement, and feedback, I wouldn’t have taken that risk or felt at ease auditioning.

Thanks Kristen!”

-Haley Graves, Pop Punk Musician

Rating: 5 out of 5.

 “Although I originated from an acro dance background there was a whole lot more of acro than there was dance. I seeked out different types of dance classes to grow as a performer. Kristen’s charismatic personality and of course jaw dropping dance skillz quickly won me over and I knew she would be a perfect dance mentor for me! Working with Kristen one on one has truly elevated me as a performer, not only as a dancer on the ground but also as an aerialist in the air. She has taught me so much about stage presence, character work, act development, and most importantly created a judgment free training space so I could be vulnerable and grow as a performer. There is only so much progression that you can make on your own in any kind of discipline, being able to work with Kristen has been extremely valuable to me and my art form!”

-Josey, Acrobat, aerialist, dancer

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